When introducing a new vaccine, the associated costs (e.g. vaccine purchase, transportation, wastage) should be estimated, as should the long-term financial requirements for the introduction Pregnant women are usually already reached by antenatal care services at health facilities. If these services have the capacity to include influenza vaccination they should be included in the planning of further implementation of maternal influenza vaccination delivery.

The WHO Flutool helps to project total costs of influenza vaccine introduction for pregnant women by type of delivery strategy over a period of up to five years. The Flutool can also inform multi-year planning efforts in countries and is consistent with, and complements, the cMYP costing tool. The Flutool can be used to assess the total costs of a phased or nationwide introduction and to estimate the costs per pregnant woman immunized.

In order to assess the financial sustainability of maternal influenza vaccination programmes within the immunization activities of a country, the vaccine’s introduction into national cMYPs should be guided by the comprehensive Multi-Year strategic Plans (cMYP) tool and user guide.