Vaccine introduction plan


A vaccine introduction plan, integrated into the overall annual plan for immunization and antenatal care, can help programme planners to ensure that all critical activities are implemented prior to the introduction of influenza vaccine. Such activities include training of staff shortly before the influenza season, adapting cold chain capacity to seasonal vaccine provision, and distributing roles and responsibilities between immunization and collaborating health-care service providers (e.g. antenatal care).

The general concept of developing a vaccine introduction activity within the annual EPI operational plan is outlined in chapter 3.1 of the WHO guide Principles and considerations for adding a new vaccine to a national immunization programme: from decision to implementation and monitoring.

Complementing the new vaccine introduction guidance available from WHO, a maternal influenza vaccination programme checklist may be useful to complete the planning and implementation process for a maternal influenza vaccination roll-out.


Annex 3. Template for a new vaccine introduction plan of WHO’s new vaccine introduction guidance provides a generic template to guide countries in developing a practical plan for introducing a new vaccine.

Annex 4. New vaccine introduction checklist, activity list & timeline of WHO’s new vaccine introduction guidance1 provides advice on planning and budgeting activities, distribution of roles and responsibilities, and timelines.

Corresponding Checklist tool.